The KUN website is in Norwegian, but please contact us directly should you be interested in KUN's activities and projects. For general questions, please use the contact form. To contact a member of staff, go to this page and select their e-mail. Selected reports are available in English, see the publications page.

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About the KUN centre for gender equality

KUN centre for gender equality (KUN) is operated by the Northern Feminist University, which was founded in 1991. KUN is based in Steigen in Nordland, with a regional office in Steinkjer in Nord-Trøndelag.

In 2011 we celebrated 20 years of actively advocating gender equality and the process of creating societies where women and men have equal opportunities to participate in, develop and shape their own lives. KUN also focuses on other grounds for discrimination, like ethnicity, age or sexual orientation.

A combination of knowledge-based theory and practical experience are the core components of our contribution to the work on promoting equality.

KUN is involved in many projects of different scales, both regionally, nationally and internationally. This work contributes to the development of knowledge about gender equality and about the gains of integrating gender equality and diversity perspectives in public policies. We have a wide range of work methods, from the use of creative processes to ensure participation, to utilizing research, statistics and best practices in order to identify efficient measures to increase equality and to create more diversity in organizations, local communities and regions.
Goals and visions for gender equality and diversity are important, and it is through people’s actions that change is made possible. KUN wishes to highlight the societal profit that lies in exploiting the potential of diversity.

Some of our main working fields are:

- living conditions
- local and regional development
- resource management and resource-based enterprises
- democracy
- cooperation and international development

The foundation is directed by a board of 7 women and men who are recruited from various organisations and academic institutions. KUN’s main office in Steigen in Northern Norway includes meeting and teaching facilities as well as accommodation and catering by appointment.

Interview with project manager Lindis Sloan about KUN published in the newsletter of the Czech NGO ‘Gender Studies’ in July 2011


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